Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Known Facts About Me

I was inspired by a friend's blog post about funny things about her and another blogger's post of 5 things people don't know about her.  So here's my list of little known facts about me:

I'm a penguin freak. I collect stuffed penguins, penguin clothing (not tuxedos LOL), jewelry, penguin ornaments (our Christas tree has penguin lights and ornaments), books about penguins, etc., etc. When I was very bloated with undiagnosed CD and food allergies I often described my body as 'penguin shaped'. 

I'm addicted to fashionista blogs.  I read them daily and get inspired to improve my style.

I prefer sewing (making new garments or altering old ones) to almost anything else.

As well as penguin paraphenalia, I collect clothes.  I make them, buy them, alter them for better fit.  When I travel I buy clothing 'souveniers, like tee shirts or dresses.

If I ever won the lottery, I'd buy a house on the beach in Lahaina, Maui, HI.  I've been to Maui about 8 times and always return to Lahaina.  The manager of Lahaina's Serendipity boutique knows me well.

I walk 45-60 minutes daily to keep my bones strong. I lost 1-1/2 inches of height during the years I had undiagnosed celiac disease.  Several NTX tests proved that I'm no longer losing bone, because I'm no longer eating gluten. So I can easily absorb calcium from my diet.  However I still take daily magnesium and vitamin D for bone health,  I also lift weights daily.

I weigh 40 pounds less than I did during my freshman year of college. Instead of the 'freshman 10' I gained 25 pounds during my first 3 months of college.That was the first time I could eat freely without teasing or critcizm from my family about my weight (which was 115# when I entered college).  Of course I'm 1-1/2" shorter now, but I'm happy that I no longer worry about weight, thanks to a healthy metabolism with thyroid supplements.

I'm 4 years older than my husband who won't be able to collect full SSN benefits for another 4 years.  (Do the math.)

Like my friend, I need to do something with my hands when I walk or stand. If I can't put them into pockets or carry something, my hands, arms (wings?) automatically slip into full penguin position.

That's enough for now.  I feel a little embarrassed after revealing all that  ... SIGH


Lia said...

you're penguin pose is adorable

Thanks for sharing these facts about you, that was interesting (although like you I already knew many of these :)

sue said...

Yes, you know my alter ego (my inner penguin). FLAP! FLAP! FLAP!

Lia said...

penguinista :)

sue said...

I'm familiar with 'fashionista'. Is a penguista a fashionable penguin? Or is that just another word for 'penguin freak', which I already used to describe myself? Penguinista sounds nicer than 'freak'. lol